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Accredited Laboratory in Malaysia

A&A Scientific Resources is Malaysia’s leading environmental analysis laboratory for environmental safety & health-related industries. 

We are an established laboratory committed to creating a greener future and environment for our country. We aim to achieve this by providing environmental solutions and working closely with various Malaysian environmental personnel and organisations. 

As a recognised and accredited laboratory in Malaysia, we are confident in our ability to provide you with top-tier quality services. Our wide range of services include: conducting laboratory analysis, environmental sampling, compliance assistance and health and safety monitoring. 

On top of that, we also provide consultation services based on our evaluation of your Environmental Impact Assessments. This comprehensive evaluation takes place before, during, and after the implementation of the proposed plan. 

A & A Scientific Resources Sdn Bhd - Environmental Lab

In Affiliation With EIA Consultants in Malaysia

A&A Scientific has a team of environmental professionals that work in affiliation with EIA consultants in Malaysia. We carefully review all environmental assessments before advising you with solutions or problems that should be taken into account. 

Such problems include factors like potential outbreaks, pollution or negative environmental impacts that would endanger your health, safety and the environment. 

Are you looking for qualified and experienced environmental consultants? If so, why not click here to get in touch with us here now and get a thorough environmental assessment report. All of our best consultants are ever-ready to assist you. Or click here to learn more about our corporate profile.

A & A Scientific Resources Sdn Bhd - Environmental Lab

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