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Here are some tips if you are living/ working around dusty environment: • Maintain positive pressure in your room: shut all doors & windows, re- circulate your air. Switch off exhaust. • Use air purifier with HEPA filter, may reduce…

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Background Zooplankton are drifting organism living in the oceans, particularly the pelagic and littoral zones, as well as in rivers, lakes and ponds. Majority of them are microscopic, unicellular or multicellular forms with size ranging from a few microns to…

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Background Phytoplankton encompassed all microscopic algae which drift with currents or float on water surface of an ocean, rivers, lakes and other water bodies. Phytoplankton plays a major role as the basis of the aquatic food web, providing essential ecological…

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Water Quality Standard Malaysia

Macrobenthos Analysis

Background The community of organisms that live on, or in the bottom (seafloor) of a water body is known as ‘benthos’ (from ancient Greek, meaning “depth, depth of sea, bottom”). Benthic animals are categorized according to size: microbenthos (<0.063 mm),…

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Boundary Noise Monitoring

Monitoring for boundary noise done during the day, evening, and night for all kind of industries. This exercise is to measure whether the noise level emitted is within the stipulated limit at the boundaries of that particular place/ premise. The…

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UiTM – A&A Laboratory 2016

UiTM – A&A LABORATORY has provided services to a number of consultancy companies, various industries, government bodies, private companies and universities on environmental sampling and testing. At the same time, CETEC laboratory has established smart alliances with its associates to…

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