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environmental impact assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a study to identify, evaluate and communicate info about the impact of a prescribe project on the environment. It covers a wide scope and criteria such as buffer zone, air pollution, water pollution, geology/hydrology, social/cultural, ecology, land value and etc. EIA study has to be conducted by environmental consultant who are registered with Department of Environment under EIA Consultant Registration Scheme.

Company like UiTM-A&A Laboratory wear many different hats and can provide relevant services such as  environmental monitoring, which is also part of EIA study. Because such study requires accurate data from monitoring & laboratory analysis. Example of environment monitoring that the company offer is ambient air monitoring, weather station, vibration monitoring, river water monitoring, marine monitoring, groundwater monitoring, boundary noise monitoring and soil monitoring. .

UiTM-A&A Laboratory also happens to be the first Malaysian university affiliated environmental laboratory. Their profile reads:

A&A Scientific Resources Sdn Bhd manages the operation of UiTM-A&A Laboratory.  We received our accreditation from the Department Standard Malaysia (DSM) in 1995 under the Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia SAMM, MS ISO/IEC 17025. UiTM-A&A  Laboratory is a joint entity when A&A Scientific Resources Sdn Bhd officially formed an alliance with Universiti Teknologi MARA in September 2005 via the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

We provide services to consultancy companies, various industries,   government bodies, private companies and universities on Environmental  & Health sampling and testing. With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Please contact UiTM-A&A Laboratory for any further information required: Contact Us

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