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UiTM –A&A Laboratory’s experience with the previously revised Written Approval has given us the upper hand in providing assistance to our clients with the newly introduced Written Notification and Written Declaration.

Written Notification and Written Declaration are now part of the requirement in the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations, 2014. The Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 2014 replaced the Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations 1978 and the Environmental Quality Regulations (Dioxin and Furan) 2004. Therefore, Written Approval (KB) for control system is no longer applicable.

In essence, the steps involved are:

  1. Appoint a consultant, if necessary.
  2. Site visit with appointed registered engineer.
  3. Submit Written Notification ‘AS/PUB/N-CHIMNEY’ form to DOE.
  4. Installation of control system.
  5. Submit ‘Written Declaration on Design and Construction of Air Pollution Control System’ form with ‘As Built Drawing’ of the control system to DOE.
  6. Periodic/ continuous monitoring.

We had worked successfully with various types of industry and looking forward to work with more.

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