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Indoor Air Quality Malaysia And Air Quality Monitoring

Whilst can be critical to health, most occupants in offices and buildings (including hospitals, offshore oil rigs, basements quarters) are oblivious to the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Equipped with the latest instrumentations and experience, UiTM – A&A Laboratory is now poised to assists clients in fulfilling Malaysia’s Industry Code of Practise 2010 (ICOP) for Indoor Air Quality.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Our Indoor air Quality Assessor is Registered by DOSH and would provide assistance in performing the IAQ sampling, evaluating the condition, interpreting the finding data and recommending the next course of action.

The Indoor Air Quality assessment will also gauge the levels of pollutants can be generated by outdoor or indoor sources, including building maintenance activities, pest control, housekeeping, renovations, and new furnishings and building occupant activities. Some of the key pollutants in indoor air:

  • Biological contaminants – bacteria, viruses, fungi (including molds), dust mite and pollen.
  • Chemical pollutants – tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide (products of combustion), carbon dioxide, ozone and VOC (products from food court).
  • Particles – solid or liquid substances, which are, light enough to be suspended in the air. Particles of dust, dirt or other substance may be drawn into the building from outside and also be produced by activities that occur in the building.

Air Quality Monitor

Apart from these parameters, Indoor Air Quality monitoring also involves the determination of air movement, Air Change rate per Hour (ACH), Air velocity/Air movement, determination of percentage of fresh air. The general condition of the distribution system, including duct, return air, air intake and exhaust, Air Handling Unit (AHU) and cooling towers is also critical in the assessment of Indoor Air Quality.

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