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The objective of a Local Exhaust Ventilation monitoring is to measure the efficiency of removal of contaminants from an exhaust system. Local Exhaust Ventilation system monitoring is governed by Occupational Safety & Health Regulations 2000 (Use and Standards of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health, Part V).

This Local Exhaust Ventilation assessment is mandatory to be conducted annually, only by a registered Hygiene Technician. However, on monthly basis your organization is allowed to conduct a general self- inspection on the general condition of the system.

In general, the efficiency of the Local Exhaust Ventilation system shall be gauged by the performance of its Duct Velocity, Face Velocity, Capture Velocity, as well as the performance (horse power) of motor and fan (rpm).

Our report shall include a sketch drawing of the LEV system, the photo ofLocal Exhaust Ventilation system and suggestions on any improvement to be made on the components of the LEV system upon comparison against design specifications (if any) and/or any applicable standard.

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