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The overall objective of AASR outlined in this Quality Policy Statement
shall be communicated to each team member and are reviewed every year
during the Management Review exercise.

AASR Quality Policy & Objectives:

The main aim of UiTM-A&A Laboratory is to safeguard consistent standard of operation, sampling and testing, to ensure impartiality & credibility in our results of analysis and to gain customer’s trust by providing supreme quality services with adequate turn around time.


The Quality Policy Statement was created by our Management Team. The policy is achieved by implementing Quality Management System in accordance to MS ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Below are our key point:

  1. Top Management pledge:
    • To induce highly trustworthy and ethical work environment that produce long term employment, development and growth to all employees.
    • To provide sufficient personnel, facilities, equipments and support services necessary to manage and perform its laboratory activities.
    • To serve each team member by providing them with extra knowledge, training and tools necessary to excell in their personel and work life.
  2. Commitment from every single team member of AASR in providing high quality test results and profesional service to our customer:
    • Test and sampling are performed in accordance to stated standard methods, laboratory operating policies and procedures.
    • The HOD shall ensure that all personnel have the competence to perform laboratory activities for which they are responsible and to evaluate the significance of deviations.
    • Assuarance of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by continuous improvement.
  3. Personnel:
    • Each person in the team are and shall be impartial when performing their duties and shall not allow comercial, financial or other pressure to compromise impartiality.
    • Every person shall familiarized and acquainted with the quality management system documentation and implement policies and procedures in their work.
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